In 1946, Georges Kemseke started the Chevideco company at Deerlijk. This company concentrated on the purchase and sale of live and slaughtered horses. A business that flourished swiftly, both at home and abroad.

Meanwhile two sons, Walter and Donald Kemseke, joined the company. Together they developed a structure that earned Chevideco a name all over Europe.

For some time, the third generation, Philippe and Olivier Kemseke, has taken over in the management of Chevideco. Thus putting excellent know-how at the disposal of its customers. At the start of the new millennium, Chevideco was better prepared than ever before to answer to all possible wishes of all of its customers (be it wholesalers, butchers and/or chain store businesses.

Until this very day, live horses are bought on a selective basis and processed according to the recommendations made by the customers. In addition, the Chevideco company also imports fresh chilled and frozen horsemeat from different continents and delivers to customers all over Europe and beyond. In a word, Chevideco stands for service from “producer” to “consumer”.

In the future, Chevideco wishes to successfully innovate by more and more going along with customer wishes. Chevideco supports chain partners and subdivisions in the research into and analysis of new niche markets and anticipates with goal-oriented initiatives in collaboration with the branch of industry.

Since recently, Chevideco has also been active in a new branch of the meat industry, viz. petfood.