Respect for animals

Chevideco Nv has clear engagements concerning a dignified treatment of live animals, both during transport and during their stay in the slaughterhouse. At the moment of purchase, Chevideco Nv pays utmost heed to a qualitative selection of the animals. Both during and after the slaughtering, the veterinary services guarantee the inspection of the meat intended for human consumption.

All operations within Chevideco are subject to the most stringent HACCP quality standards and IFS 2009-2010 standards. The entire process takes place under the most rigorous hygienic and animal-friendly conditions. This also implies that all animals are supplied in perfect condition and that zero-stress situations are pursued.

The imported meat is transformed in CEE accredited slaughterhouses. Chevideco Nv sees to it that, both from the point of view of economic interest as from the point of view of well-being of the animals, the imposed European regulations are strictly observed. The red logo guarantees a quality product. At the request of Chevideco, external audit companies inspect at regular intervals the slaughterhouses.